What’s your analytics story?

Valen’s third annual ROI study highlights the importance of goal-driven analytics. Susan, the new head of underwriting for a regional insurer, was brought in to shake things up. Her new… More »

Top 6 Myths about Predictive Modeling & Analytics

The Race to the Bottom Myth

Incorporating predictive analytics requires change management, especially for underwriters using it on a regular basis for risk selection. For those using predictive analytics in underwriting, 68% of insurers have been… More »

The Magic Bullet?

Is there really a magic bullet that targets the best business to write? The woes for commercial auto insurers are many. Inadequate rates and reserves over the past few years… More »

Commercial Auto’s Wild Ride

The speed, the climb, the drop and the turns…rollercoasters are an exhilarating thrill! But if the rollercoaster is commercial auto, some insurers may be happy to get off the ride…. More »