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This Week in Analytics

  • This Week in Analytics: News
    9 ways insurers can drive more value from technology investments, P/C Insurance Carriers, InsurTechs Benefit on Multiple Levels From Partnerships, Digital transformation driving high demand for data analysts, Rise of... More »
  • This Week in Analytics: News
    Four analytic errors that can defeat data project efforts, Workers’ Comp Insurers’ Analytic Solution to Lowering Rates, Super Regional Carriers Gain by Educating ‘Suspicious’ Regulators About Tech Advances, Advanced Analytics... More »
  • This Week in Analytics: News
    Customer engagement offers unique challenges for insurance, Survey: Disconnected data costs organizations $140B, Nonstandard Auto Loss Ratios Worst in Decade: A.M. Best, Key to workers’ compensation success: Adapt to changing... More »
  • This Week in Analytics: News
    The Downward Trend Continues for U.S. Commercial Auto Insurance Losses, Predictive Analytics Making Small-Business Insurance Easier, Making digital insurance a reality, Valen Makes Insurance Human Again, Tips for CEOs Leading... More »
  • This Week in Analytics: News
    Eliminating myths to gain value from analytics, Insurance companies struggle with managing analytics teams, Duperreault plans to use data analytics to transform underwriting at AIG, Analytics Will Address Many of... More »

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  • Two Critical Concerns for Work Comp Insurers
    Workers’ compensation has enjoyed overall profitability for the past few years. When you consider how technology is reshaping the workplace and the impact of rising claims costs, it’s clear change... More »
  • The Power of the Underwriter
    Due to the rise of automation, the role of the underwriter is changing. Even though technology is an enabler, the expertise of an underwriter will always be an essential part... More »
  • The 5 Must Do’s of Data Collection
    If you were to build a house, it would take more than just supplies. It requires a sturdy blueprint, a capable team and the right resources to bring it to... More »
  • Commercial Auto’s Wild Ride
    The speed, the climb, the drop and the turns…rollercoasters are an exhilarating thrill! But if the rollercoaster is commercial auto, some insurers may be happy to get off the ride.... More »
  • Meet Bob, Claims Superhero
    Bob is a straight up superhero. It’s not such a big leap to think of Bob this way, given claims adjusters help make people whole every day after some unfortunate... More »

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