Underwriting Solutions

Questions are everywhere. Insights are not. Achieving profitability in homeowners insurance is notoriously problematic. Since 1990, the homeowners industry has only experienced a handful of years with combined ratios below 100%. And, many homes have insurance-to-value (ITV) ratios that fall short of 100 percent, with the average Coverage A amount at 81% of the replacement cost estimate.

Our data suggests that 50% of property condition and liability hazards are left undetected, and 22% of homes have a significant condition hazard issue just one year after the policy was written.

What is the condition of homes you’ve had on your book for 5 years?

As an analytics leader exclusively serving property and casualty insurers, we bring unparalleled market insight, analytic performance, and proprietary data assets that can address your top business priorities.

Case Study: Top 5 insurer saves $6.9M and realizes a 6:1 ROI

InsureRight Platform for Homeowners

It all starts with creating a unique database that combines your policy information with our data assets to support your business goals. Then, we build custom predictive models so you know more about the properties you insure, make better informed strategy decisions, and evaluate whether those strategies are being executed effectively in the field. See how we build custom analytic solutions from our proprietary data assets.

Manage application

Know underwriting performance in advance and gain actionable insights

  • Portfolio management analytics
  • Real time, leading performance indicators
  • State of the art visual analytics
  • Interactive, drill down reporting dashboards

Predict application

Know the risk quality of each policy in your portfolio

  • Rank orders policies and premium on a risk quality scale (1-10)
  • Flags properties with condition and liability hazards
  • Predicts homes with insurance-to-value (ITV) discrepancies
  • Evaluates profitability for inspection and audit methods by policy

The Valen Difference

  • Leading provider of proprietary data to property/casualty insurers
  • World class predictive modeling shop
  • Speed – go live in 2-4 months
  • IT backlog-proof – the lightest IT solution in the market
  • Proven results