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Insurity Acquires Valen

Insurity, Inc., an industry leading provider of core insurance processing and data integration and analytics solutions, announced its acquisition of Valen Analytics on January 26, 2017. For More Information »

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Take advantage of targeted data to make pricing, growth, retention, and claims decisions with improved accuracy, transparency, and confidence.

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Targeted Data Analytics

Valen Customers Beat the Market

This graph shows how Valen customers are crushing it in terms of their performance – beating the market by 2x.

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Access key information about the risks you insure in order to compete and win the profitable business you want.

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A Modern Set of Tools

Valen Analytics is an advanced data and analytics provider for property and casualty insurance companies. We work with insurers who are actively looking to utilize modern approaches to pricing, risk selection, claims triage, and premium fraud.

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