Will the best talent choose insurance?

Today I hope to garner a moment of your time to consider an issue we all face: attracting the best talent. The headlines about the talent crisis in insurance are glaring, with one study citing we will have a gap of 400,000 positions to fill by the year 2020. This problem is hitting at the same moment carriers are retooling their underwriting operations to become more profitable, which will require more data and analytics talent.

Because we’re competing with other industries, we recently announced our Tomorrow’s Talent Challenge initiative to promote exciting career opportunities in insurance to the next generation.

I recently joined a CEO-led initiative of leading companies connecting the dots between STEM education and the workforce, called Change the Equation. It’s the nation’s premier organization boasting 100 CEO members from companies like Intel, Accenture, Xerox, DuPont and Time Warner.

Please join me on November 14th for a web conference with Change the Equation’s senior staff. It will be an informative session on proven strategies to address our massive talent shortage. Executive recruiting firm, The Jacobson Group, will provide the latest statistics on how the insurance industry is doing in regards to talent recruitment.

It’s time we find a solution to our massive talent shortage by working together. I hope you can join us.

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