Our customers say that the Valen experience is different.

It’s your job to provide cost-effective insurance by allowing individuals and businesses to share risks. It’s our job to unlock the power of data, industry benchmarking and predictive modeling so you choose well and price well.

Here’s a sampling of the customers we’re honored to partner with.

Data Analytics Customer Acuity

Data Analytics Customer Alabama Self Insured Fund

Data Analytics Customer Alabama Self Insured Fund

Predictive Modeling & Analytics Customer AmFed

Predictive Modeling Customer Baldwin & Lyons

Predictive Modeling Customer Berkshire Hathaway

Predictive Modeling Customer Builders Mutual

Predictive Modeling Customer Canal

Predictive Analytics Customer Care West Insurance

Predictive Analytics Customer Central Insurance

Predictive Modeling & Analytics Customer KESA

Columbia Insurance


Predictive Modeling & Analytics Customer FFVA Mutual

Predictive Modeling & Analytics Customer FHM Insurance

Frank Winston Crum Insurance Predictive Analytics

Predictive Modeling & Analytics Customer HEMIC

Predictive Modeling & Analytics Customer Hortica

Predictive Modeling Customer Island Insurance Company

Predictive Modeling Customer MEM

Predictive Modeling Customer New Mexico Mutual

Predictive Modeling Customer PLM

Predictive Modeling Customer Pie Insurance

Predictive Modeling Customer RAS

Utah Business Insurance Co

Predictive Analytics Customer United Fire Group

Predictive Analytics Customer Western National Insurance

Direct from the front lines, here’s what underwriters say about working with Valen.

What makes Valen unique is the ability to understand an insurer’s process and how to implement a predictive model.

The biggest ‘ah ha’ moment was that Valen really understands insurance, not just predictive analytics.

Valen’s knowledge and ability to work individually with each carrier to develop and implement a model is one of its biggest strengths.

We like the size and personal touch of Valen. We don’t like the industry giants where we are just another customer, but we are big enough that we need a higher level of sophistication than we can provide ourselves.

Valen helps us identify the superior risks and gives the team the confidence to go after the best new business and work harder to retain these renewals. It also will help us NOT write the poorer risks that we could not identify before through the standard insurance application and data.