Our Policy explains:

  • What information is collected?
  • What do we use the information for?
  • Sharing of information.
  • User rights
  • Use of Cookies.
  • Policy changes.
  1. What information is collected?

Any information you enter during the submission of forms or an order on Valen Analytics can be collected and stored in our customer database. In order to better define the types of information that is collected, Valen Analytics has identified and grouped these into two categories:

  1. a) Personal Information; and
  2. b) General Non-Specific & Demographic Information.

Personal Information

Personal information as defined by this Privacy Policy is any information that identifies you personally, such as name, address, telephone number and email address.

General Non-Specific & Demographic Information

Any non-personal information either entered by you or recorded as part of the transaction process is considered to be General Non-Specific & Demographic Information. This is information that does not contain personal information and is non-personally identifiable. It is comprised of the type and quantities of products purchased, and any demographic information.

Valen Analytics also has the ability to track your navigation through this site by recording the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), as well as your computer’s IP address, which is a unique address assigned to your PC by your Internet Service Provider or Information Systems Department on a TCP/IP network.

  1. What do we use the information for?

In order to provide you with the best online experience possible, we may collect both personal and nonpersonal information to give us a better understanding of the demographic and geographic profile of our customers. The information we collect is reviewed closely to assist us in determining the most popular products of interest to our customers, and better structure our site(s) to suit your needs

By tracking your IP through our site, we can better understand the types of products and information which is relevant to our customers and may from time-to-time, use this information to provide our customers with information or promotions which match their various geo- and demographic dynamics. The information is also used for lead scoring in our marketing automation system.

From time-to-time, we may send surveys to our customers via email or online at our website in order to solicit your feedback on improvements we should make to the site in order to improve your online experience. These surveys are completed on a voluntary basis and personal and general information are not required. Refusal to complete the survey or poll will not result in any penalization of the customer(s) standings with our organization. Should you not wish to receive notification of subsequent surveys or polls, you can click the link supplied at the bottom of every promotional email we send you to request that you not receive such notifications in the future.

We may also run contests and/or sweepstakes at various times. By entering the sweepstakes you agree to disclose your personal information for our use in future marketing campaigns. Your consent to our use of your information is a condition of your participation and eligibility for any such contest or sweepstakes.

Should you contact us via the email contact links on our site, send comments to contact us via telephone or written correspondence, we may keep your comments on file for future use in our contact database and you hereby grant us the right to publish your comments and you grant us the right to disclose your identity.

  1. Sharing of Information

The primary purpose of collecting personal and non-personal information on this site is for the purposes of informing you of ongoing marketing activities to keep you apprised of new products, special offers or contests we may run from time-to-time.

Your personal information will not be sold, traded or rented to another party and is for the express internal use of Valen Analytics and Valen Analytics only except as otherwise stated in this policy.

  1. Retention of Information

We only retain your Personal Information for as long as we have an ongoing legitimate business need to do so. When we have no ongoing legitimate business need to process your Personal Information, we securely delete the information or anonymize it.

  1. Access to Information

You have the right to request access to the information we have on you. You can do this by contacting us at marketing@valen.com. We may ask you to verify your identity and will then provide you with an electronic copy of your data that is being stored.

  1. Information Correction & Deletion

If you believe that the information we have about you is incorrect, you can contact us to update it. Any data that is no longer needed for the reasons outlined in section 2.What do we use the information for? will be deleted. If at any point you wish for Valen to delete your information, you can notify us at marketing@valen.com

  1. Use of Cookies.

“Cookies” are text files that are created by websites and stored on your computer’s hard drive. These files assist the website in recognizing a user’s preferences which may have been set by the user while on the website, such as shopping cart preferences, usernames and passwords, etc. A Valen Analytics cookie cannot be recognized or viewed by another website, thus ensuring privacy on the customers’ part. There is no way for a cookie to view or store any information from your hard drive, capture your email address, or pass on a computer virus.

  1. Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy has been developed and implemented in accordance with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, which came into effect January 1, 2001 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect May 25, 2018. As changes to our information gathering practices change, we will update this policy as required. Information contained in this policy may change at any time without notice, so please be sure to check our Privacy Policy statement regularly before disclosing any personal or non-personal information through this website.