In 1754, Thomas Bayes, an English mathematician, came up with a brilliant theory: using numbers to scrutinize what happened in the past, one could predict what would happen in the future. The Bayes Theorem demonstrated how better decisions could be made by blending new information with old.

In today’s insurance world, historically low bond yields are adversely affecting investment income. As a result, carriers have to make a profit on their underwriting operations instead of relying on investment income. In this new insurance operating paradigm, looking at historical results and using those historical results as a proxy for future performance is not good enough anymore. Instead, you need to arm your underwriters with sophisticated analytical tools that use proven multivariate statistics to predict individual policy performance. It is time to look forward. Time to blend new information with old.

Valen Analytics provides data, analytics and systematic reasoning to improve efficiency, identify and price risk and thus increase profits. Our vast data consortium and predictive modeling capabilities lower loss ratios by better segmenting policies to differentiate risk and pricing.

The products offered by Valen don’t represent a revolution in the insurance industry; they are the evolution toward better business.

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