Personal Insurance Lines Risk Management Through Analytics
The first insurance company in the United States was started by Benjamin Franklin in 1752. Before he opened his company’s doors, Franklin made a shrewd business decision: he wouldn’t insure homes made of wood. It’s not surprising that one of the most brilliant minds in American history was also one of the first to understand risk management.

Today, underwriters who outperform their competition have an unfair advantage. They leverage real-time, consistently reliable information as a key differentiator in making risk selection decisions quickly. We deliver proprietary data and actionable insights that allow underwriters to know more about the policies on their in-force book in order to assess and price risk more effectively.

If your company is getting average results then you are likely running at an underwriting loss that is unacceptable to your bottom line. We use our vast data consortium and predictive modeling capabilities to lower loss ratios and drive higher revenues for our clients to better own risk management.

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