Underwriting Solutions

Achieving profitability in homeowners insurance is notoriously problematic. Since 1990, the homeowners industry has only experienced a handful of years with combined ratios below 100%. And, added pressures on the ease of doing business have insurers trying to assess risk with streamlined information during the quoting process.

Better information to manage cat and non-cat risk is imperative, particularly with the volatility of reinsurance costs. With the ability to predict loss cost, underwriters have greater insight into policies likely to be unprofitable. They can better select new business risk, and make renewal decisions (endorsement or deductible changes, inspections, or non-renewal.)

Predict application

Know the risk quality of each policy in your portfolio

  • Rank orders policies and premium on a risk quality scale (1-10)
  • Assesses risk with streamlined quote information
  • Flags properties with condition and liability hazards
  • Predicts homes with insurance-to-value (ITV) discrepancies
  • Evaluates profitability for inspection and audit methods by policy

Manage application

Know underwriting performance in advance and gain actionable insights

  • Portfolio management analytics
  • Real-time, leading performance indicators
  • State-of-the-art visual analytics
  • Interactive, drill-down reporting dashboards