Midwest Niche Carrier Case Study

This insurer is a market leader with experience underwriters that are leveraging predictive analytics to keep their competitive edge. Read about how they’ve maintained a loss ratio 11 points lower than the industry average.

Commercial Auto Loss Ratio Improvement Case Study

When a national insurer found themselves in a profitability crisis, they partnered with Valen to implement predictive analytics, resulting in a 29 point loss ratio improvement. Learn more about this impressive turnaround.

HEMIC Case Study

HEMIC, Hawaii’s largest work comp insurer, has responded to incredible industry growth while delivering superior underwriting performance. After implementing Valen’s InsureRight platform, they grew 114% in just 4 years.

FHM Insurance Case Study

FHM Insurance is a growing company that brought on new leadership in 2013, which has since improved operating performance and created profitable growth. With Valen, they were able to improve their loss ratio in growth markets by 25% in just 2 years.

Farm Bureau Wins 2015 Celent Model Insurer Award

In 2012, Farm Bureau had some challenges that needed attention…FAST. So, they implemented Valen Analytics’ InsureRight Platform to drive underwriting profitability in workers’ compensation.

Top 5 Homeowners Carrier Sees 6:1 ROI

Find out now how they turned the tide and saw a 6:1 ROI and $6.9M in loss savings to optimize condition and liability hazards’ and ITV deficient policy selection.

Pinnacol Assurance Prices More Effectively

As a political subdivision of the state of Colorado, Pinnacol is restricted in their ability to refine their rate structures. Despite this, they were still able to improve in 4 key areas.