InsureRight® Manage 2.0

Every organization is seeking a deeper understanding of what they insure and how its underwriting decisions and analytics program are impacting the bottom line. Practical insights from advanced data analytics are the number one area where CIOs are being asked to deliver new capabilities. Closing the data loop is an uphill climb that requires significant financial and human resources to wrangle data, deploy predictive models and measure the results.

Even with these investments, without the proper data model insurers are unable to harness the full power of analytics.

Stop Reacting, Start Anticipating

Using next generation metrics from InsureRight Manage, predictive analytics allow you to know where your book is headed to proactively respond instead of waiting for hindsight analysis. Specifically, you will know:

  • precisely where you’re winning profitable market share
  • where pricing is inadequate or risk selection decisions don’t fit your underwriting appetite
  • how to target untapped growth opportunities
  • how to identify outliers that could cause serious performance problems

Armed with this information, underwriting management, and executive leadership can identify opportunities for profitable growth and address issues before they arise.

The Manage Data Model

Manage 2.0 is not another BI tool. This unique application is specifically designed for P/C insurers, yielding an unparalleled level of granularity, combined with forward-looking metrics to tell you not just where your business is now, but where it is going. The proprietary underlying data model combines transactional predictive scores with underwriting decisions and the resulting losses to provide powerful leading indicators of performance. Leveraging streamlined, adaptive, user-friendly visualizations delivers these insights in a modern user experience.

Manage 2.0 allows you to delve into your data to understand business results, portfolio health, and model performance.

From the overview dashboard, a discovery of individual report modules drills all the way down to detailed reports segmented by time, location,  new vs. renewal, hazard group, underwriter, agent, and several other specific filters.

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